I began my career in biotechnology fifteen years ago and have had the pleasure of working with many talented people. I have a degree in Biology with an emphasis in Cell Physiology and a minor chemistry. As we go through different paths in life, I decided to go back to school and obtained  a degree in Human Services (2015) which taught me the importance of building a team that adds to the value of the company and the people involved. Human Services management and leadership skills are essential to the development of building a solid, dedicated team that works well together and strives to do their best. I continually strive to challenge myself by moving forward to obtain a Masters in Science of System Management. With these degrees, I am able to apply my exceptional planning, leadership and logical qualities.

My experiences encompass partnering with project leaders and team members to ensure that proper and timely execution of all aspects of the clinical analytical method life cycle across clinical product portfolio and testing sites (including contract manufacturing partners). As the key player, I identify, evaluate and implement continuous business process improvements.

I have been characterized by others as a team player, dedicated and hardworking. Highly motivated individual with good interpersonal skills that have proven effective in managing relationships and negotiating solutions while maintaining a level of approachability with colleagues both internal and external. I possess keen instincts and can offer strategies to quickly and effectively implement change and further improve our relationships with our partners. I enjoy working with others and understand the importance of the community perception of our organization.

I am most interested in opportunities where I can provide continuous leadership to improve all areas of performance in the company.