The Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is a new concept for me… it is a way to organize a formal way of sharing one’s experiences and knowledge. Believe it or not we network all the time via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, Google+ and good old fashion F2F (face-to-face)… but how do you capture what you have learned throughout your life? Do you have a single place to go to that links to all your favorite social media platform? Luckily for me I am quite simple. To be honest, I am not an active user on social media; I do have a Facebook, Google+ and Instagram account.  I am old fashion at heart. I used to write in paper journals and every now and then, I go back to read what I wrote back in the day.. I have journals that go back to middle school… it is amazing how much we change based on the choices we make through life…

I hope you join me on this trip as I figure out how to manage my knowledge in the PLE… I am open to your thoughts so do not hesitate to share…


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